Refunds and Returns

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At Furniture Now we want you to have a fulfilling shopping experience either in-store or online. To assist you, we have set out our returns policy below.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Refunds or returns are only available in agreement with the store where you have made your original purchase from. The product is returned undamaged, in its original condition and packaging, complete with instruction manuals, assembly instructions, and accessoriesYou are also responsible for all transportation costs (although we will do what we can to minimize them).

Proof of purchase

You must show us reasonable proof of purchase and may be required to present a photo ID when requesting an exchange, repair, or refund to a product that you have purchased from us. Proof of purchase includes:

  • Tax Invoice.
  • Receipt or Delivery Note for online purchases. Unfortunately, a confirmation email is not sufficient.
  • Finance documentation.
  • Proof of payment

Whilst we will make every effort to locate transaction receipts through our system if you have lost or misplaced your tax invoice, we will only accept a bank or credit card statement if the amount on that statement directly corresponds to the amount for which the product in question was purchased. Multiple item purchases in one transaction will limit our ability to establish proof of purchase.

Refunds & returns for unsafe, defective, or damaged goods or goods which don't match the description

Your entitlement to a repair, replacement, or refund for unsafe, defective, or damaged goods. All faults or defects should be reported to us within 7 days of the defect or fault appearing to avoid any further damage.

How to make a claim:

Please follow the steps provided in order to submit your claim. We will then assess your claim to determine the nature of the issue, whether you are entitled to a remedy, and the remedy that will be made available to you. Please note that in order to assist you promptly and efficiently, we require all fields in the form to be filled with the appropriate details.

Furniture Now will also accept product returns where you can provide proof of purchase and:

  • the product is not fit for its intended purpose, or
  • the product does not match the sample or our description.

Refunds generally are only paid to the customer whose personal details are noted on the Tax Invoice. Refunds will be processed using the original payment method for Finance Payments. For all other payment methods please contact your store of purchase and liaise with the store team regarding your refund. Please note that we will endeavor to refund you as soon as possible, provided we have the accurate data to do so.

Our Goods are designed and constructed to be used for domestic purposes or in commercial or controlled environments (like offices). See our Terms and Conditions for more details.

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